Required information such as pressing quantity, utilization place,  manufacturing machine of the mould etc. are obtained from customer by considering all the factors of the mass production planed.

Mould design process of the project starts right after reaching an agreement and product approval of the customer.



The project team examine all of the information received from the customer for the product to be designed.

Static force, flow, filing and temperature analysis are handled through the auxiliary engineering programs.

In this manner improvements are applied to the required sections even before the designing starts.

After the final analysis, customer approves the team to go on to the stage of 3D mold designing.



Before the preparation of the moulding has started several important factors ought to be considered carefully in 3D-CAD environment, such as the decision of the best way of machining the moulding parts and pieces, deciding the appropriateness of mold design for mounting availability of the requested injection machine and planning for easy availability of interventions to the mould on the machine...etc.

Then the mould production for manufacturing journey starts on the designing.


Right after the production,unassembled moulding parts go to the control measurements with our CMM measuring device.

Then assembling the mould takes place with the approval of sureness of the measurements.

And complete mould goes to first press testing 



We do test our manufactured moulds in our facility on the high speed injection machine which is already being used in the packaging sector between 180tons to 850tons high speed plastic injection applications.

Project suitability of the test samples, leak tests, strength tests and measurement controls are done properly on the first preliminary samples.

Test samples are counseled with the customer whether the customer wants final modifications on or not, then the packaging and delivering take place.



In addition to Turkish domestic market, we do import to the several countries internationally and we do supply the strong service support to back up our products.



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